Oracle APEX Listener 1.1.1

Oracle APEX Listener 1.1.1 was released last week.

This release fixed several bugs. It addresses the following issues:



Someone ask me why his table compare application showed that a NUMBER(38) column was of a distinct datatype from INTEGER in Oracle.

Digital version of Oracle Magazine May/June 2011 available

Digital version of Oracle Magazine May/June 2011 is available.

Look inside >
BC Cover
May/June 2011


"How APEXBlogs was built" video

Ace Director Dimitri Gielis did a Webinar on "How Dimitri Gielis Built and Launched the New APEX Blogs Website" that was recorded and is now available on video at redgate.
Check it if you miss the Webinar! 


PL/SQL Channel

Steven Feuerstein announced the creation of the PL/SQL Channel, "featuring over 27 hours of detailed and tightly focused videos, showing you how to use many of the most important features of the PL/SQL language".

Uma canção na cabeça: O Profeta

Hoje o meu cérebro deu-lhe "para passar" esta música: "O Profeta" que conheci há muito tempo por uma cassete (sim eu do tempo das cassetes, e somente no ano passado arranjei em CD) com o mesmo nome.



Gosto muito desta música baseada no Salmo 23

TIOBE Programming Community Index for April 2011

PL/SQL in 24th in TIOBE Index for April 2011.
It's was in 30th place last month. So it's going a little up :-).
In April 2009 was 12nd and was in 13th in 2008 and 2007.

How APEXBlogs was built: FREE Webinar

Ace Director Dimitri Gielis will do a FREE Webinar on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT : "How Dimitri Gielis Built and Launched the New APEX Blogs Website"

Check here for more info and free registration.

"If you can't make it, but liked to have seen it... register too. The webinar gets recorded and the link will be sent to all registered people, so you can still see it whenever suits you."

update: the recorded video is now available.


Oracle Database 11.2 Express Edition Beta

Oracle released a Beta version of Oracle XE 11.2 :-) (only for windows x32 and Linux x64)

Oracle Database 11g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE) is a free version of the world's most capable relational database. Oracle Database XE is easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to develop with. With Oracle Database XE, you use an intuitive, browser-based interface to administer the database, create tables, views, and other database objects, import, export, and view table data, run queries and SQL scripts, and generate reports.

This version fixes the bugs 10 XE has that were fixed in the standard version and has some new features but doesn't have some cool new features of 11g like PL/SQL Function Result Cache :-(: see Feature availability

Documentation can be found here

Requirements: approximated 0.5 Gb for software installation
Limits: maximum of 11 Gb for user data (it was only 4Gb in the 10g version!). Uses only the equivalent to only one CPU and only 1 Gb RAM.

It ships with APEX installed. update: Attention: According to this posts it ships with a weak default password for APEX_040000 user and APEX Patch 4.0.2 is missing.
Update 26-July: the version I download yesterday for Windows has already APEX Patch 4.0.2 and the user APEX_040000 is locked.

Notice: this version doesn't work with SQL Developer below 3.0 versions. A bug that is promised to be fixed in the final version.

I hope the final version will see the light very soon (maybe for Oracle World?)