Doug McMahon’s Mod_owa updated

The Apache PL/SQL Gateway Module (mod_owa) from Doug McMahon is one alternative for PL/SQL Gateway and was updated last week.

Recent Improvements and Enhancements
Add support for external authentication via Oracle Wallet or OS.
Hack OwaLDAP to allow for CGI environment supplied basic authentication.

Recent Bugs Fixed
Fix thread handles for Unix to accomodate unsigned values.

The updated documentation mentions the Clock Rollover in 2038

"The Unix system clock measures time in seconds since January 1, 1970. This clock will run past the maximum value of a 32-bit signed integer and will wrap around, appearing to be a large negative integer, on or about January 19, 2038. mod_owa is potentially vulnerable to this problem, although because it uses 32-bit unsigned integers, mod_owa's internaltimestamp values may still work until approximately 2106. mod_owa uses Unix-like timestamps internally even on Windows. Any problem would most likely affect the logging (which would show incorrect dates) and file-system caching."

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