TIOBE Programming Community Index for June 2011

PL/SQL in 22nd place in TIOBE Index for June 2011.
It's was in 13th place last year (June 2010) and 21st last month (May 2011).
It was 14th in June 2008 and 11th in June 2007.


Oracle Application Express 4.1 Early Adopter 2

Encontra-se disponível para testar on-line a versão Oracle Application Express 4.1 Early Adopter 2 em http://tryapexnow.com/

Uma das novas funcionalidades diz respeito à melhoramento no suporte para traduções (em especial as traduções podem agora ser exportadas com a aplicação).

A lista das novas funcionalidade pode ser consultada aqui.


APEX Listener Release 1.1.2 released

APEX Listener Standard Configuration
In May, a new version of APEX Listener was released.
It fixes some bugs like:
  • Fixed flexible parameter support to handle POSTs without requiring a query string to be present in the submitted URI.
  • Fixed a problem with the standalone Listener where the location of the images folder could not be overwritten.
  • Fixed a problem with character encoding when consuming HTML forms submitted using the multipart/form-data content-type.
  • Fixed a problem with an IllegalStateException being thrown when the path /apex (instead of /apex/) was accessed on the standalone Listener.
As always you can download the last version at OTN.

APEX Listener Advanced Configuration