Oracle APEX Listener 1.1.1

Oracle APEX Listener 1.1.1 was released last week.

This release fixed several bugs. It addresses the following issues:

- Fixed a problem with second and subsequent deployments of the Listener using the configuration of the first Listener deployment.

- Reduced the default value of apex.jdbc.MaxConnectionReuseCount from 50000 to 1000. This may address issues with the database temp segment being exhausted (Error ORA-01652).

- Fixed a problem with character encoding when consuming HTML forms submitted using the multipart/form-data content-type.

- Fixed a problem with an IllegalStateException being thrown when the path /apex (instead of /apex/) was accessed on the standalone Listener.
- Fixed a problem where stored procedures defined by the database user which the listener connects as, could not be invoked without prefixing with the schema name.
- Fixed a problem with some JDBC settings in apex-config.xml not actually being used to configure the connection pool.
- Fixed flexible parameter support to handle POSTs without requiring a query string to be present in the submitted URI

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