Last day for OPP/APEXposed 2010 in Europe

It's over :-(

Some very interesting sessions and conversations.
All of the attendees tried to get the most of these two days.


OPP/APEXposed 2010 Europe 1st day

Today started the first OPP (oracle pl/sql programming) and APEXposed Conference in Europe.


QEM 1.4.1 released

A new version of Quest Error Manager is available

PL/SQL Challenge version 1.7

PL/SQL Challenge was upgraded to 1.7.
The main feature for everybody is to be able to access to all past quizzes by topic, difficulty or date, and then drill down to see a new, more detailed description of the quiz.
You need to register so have access to that, but registration is free.

Go there, learn and, if possible, play!


PL/SQL going down in TIOBE Index

PL/SQL in 23th in TIOBE Index for October 2010.
A drop of 10 places in one year!

Of course that index is not very accurate, but even so I would not expect a drop like this one, specially with PL/SQL Challenge that was created this year (ok...it's not a very index (meaning Google, etc.) friendly site), and the APEX grow.
I think that one reason for that is that with APEX the PL/SQL community use APEX as a label/post and not mention PL/SQL when writing/posting code for it.


"The Wheel of Time"'s Towers of Midnight is almost here!

"The Wheel of Time"'s Towers of Midnight (the 13th book) will be published in November 2nd.

Tom Kyte em Portugal!

"Está a ser desenhado para o próximo dia 16 de Dezembro um evento em Lisboa, Portugal, chamado "Open Your Windows", que terá como orador principal Tom Kyte. Estarão presentes outros oradores nacionais e internacionais."

Less that one week

Less than a week for the 1st Oracle PL/SQL Programming Conference (OPP) in Europe (in Brussels)!
And also the 1st APEXposed in Europe!

I will be presenting a session about "Advanced Web Programming" (outside and beyond APEX)
"In this session we will discuss how to provide security (avoid sql/injection, backlisting and whitelisting program access, etc.. ), to avoid unnecessary DB processing (use of client cache, ...),to add error management to your PL/SQL Web Toolkit programs and to make your website more Google friendly.”


Clear public global variables

Sometimes you have public package global resources like variables and cursors.
Besides compiling the package that also clears those variables you can use:


Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3 Early Adopter 1

Oracle released an Early Adopter for the version 3.0 of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.

Most significant additions to the product are

* Integrated with Subversion supports collaborative development and version control
* User defined design rules and transformations
* Integrated reports

update: links removed ...final version available

How to copy the grants given to a user to another

Suppose that you have a user USER_BASE that grant rights to USER1 and you want to grant those same rights to USER2.
You can use the following script in USER_BASE (change USER1 and USER2 literals for your user names) and run the output in USER_BASE.

How to copy synonyms from one user to another

Several times I'm asked this question:
How to copy synonyms from one user to another?

Here is the script you should use in the original user


Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is now Free!

If you, like me, missed the news be aware that Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is now Free! (I think you already knew that from the title of this post :-))

Quem está farto da música do Pingo Doce?

Para esses o Jaimão fez uma versão para maiores de 16 anos...(talvez...sei lá)


100 anos de República!

Parabéns à República (de Portugal) pelo seu aniversário.

Hoje cheguei à conclusão que a idade da reforma em Portugal nunca deveria ultrapassar os 64 anos, pois foi essa a idade em que a República Portuguesa teve uma grande reforma.


Oracle Magazine September/October 2010 available

September/October 2010
BC Cover
Click the image to look inside
Update: direct link for facebook version (it doesn't need subscription info)