new Apex patch set ( available

The new available patch set for Oracle Application Express ( is a cumulative patch (that mean that includes the previous patch set release and additional product fixes). It can be applied to Oracle Application Express release, and

Check the Release notes and the bugs fixed list

Be advised that there is a changed behavior: Row Searches on Interactive Reports No Longer Search for Filter Disabled Columns.


First Beta of SQL Navigator 6.5

Quest announced the release of the first beta of SQL Navigator 6.5.

Some problems already reported by users (in the Beta forum and support) are already fixed and some others are in resolution.

Some of the problems (and lacking features) that I found annoying in previous versions that were fixed are:
- Multi lines dbms output is not highlighted completely in Spool
- Close Code Editor when closing the last remaining tab - new preference included
- Quoted object name is mixed up with normal object name in object selector
- SQL navigator hang when print code editor
- Open File windows to have the same list of file types
- Find Recycle bin Objects is not disabled when Find Objects is running
- Allow to stop Code Search when searching
- Date is cut off when export from data grid
- Add shortcuts to View Differences

As usual the beta versions are not to be used in production systems and any feedback should be given by the beta forum.
Download and start testing!


PL/SQL Challenge version 1.8

PL/SQL Challenge was upgraded to 1.8.
The main new features are the options to submit your own ideas for quizzes and to create your public player profile. A side change but I think very important is that now it's not showed the difficulty of the today's quiz.

Registration is free. Go learn! Go play!

Mod pl/sql GET limits

A reader asked me for a translation of some part of a previous post that was in Portuguese (very small part but ...:-)):

From the documentation:

"When using the GET method, parameters are passed using a query string. The limitation of this method is that the length of the value in a name-value pair cannot exceed the maximum length for the value of an environment variable, as imposed by the underlying operating system. In addition, operating systems have a limit on how many environment variables you can define.

Do you remember? The twelve days of christmas

Best: Goofy's to Donald's "Five golden rings!" :"Hey, that's my line!, I'm gonna take yours! Four calling birds!")


Oracle Magazine January/February 2011 available

January/February 2011
BC Cover
Click the image to look inside
Update: direct link for facebook version (it doesn't need subscription info)


TIOBE Programming Community Index for December 2010

PL/SQL in 23rd in TIOBE Index for December 2010. It's was in 20th place last month (november 2010)!
It was in 13th in 2008 and 2007 in the same month!


Fim do Dia

Fim do Dia (No Lado Quente Da Saudade)
Mafalda Veiga

The most asked question about oracle from newbies

The most asked question that newbies ask me when starting using Oracle is:
How to create an "autonumber" column?

Unfortunately there is not way to directly create that (or to associate a sequence to a table for future reference).
You have to:


Protected Dynamic Web Pages from misused access

Sometimes you will want to protected your Dynamic Web Pages from misused (non-normal) access not related with access permissions. You will do it to avoid http traffic and database load for requests that are issued by the use of the web site or web application.

I will use the example of PL/SQL pages using the Oracle Web Toolkit and mod_plsql gateway. Distinct gateways or programming languages will have similar "web session" variables.

Last Christmas traduzido

Today I translated the "Last Christmas" song to Portuguese.
Hoje traduzi a canção "Last Christmas".


Contar o número de registos em todas as tabelas

This is the portuguese version of a previous post:Rows count for every table.

Foi-me pedido para traduzir um post anterior.

Apresento aqui um Script para mostrar o número de registos (linhas) para todas as tabelas.


Firefox has a problem with Windows?

I just found out this very funny image of "Firefox has a problem with windows"

SQL Navigator Tips and Tricks videos

Quest software has a series of videos called "Toad Tips and Tricks Video Series" that provide Tips that can also be used with SQL Navigator (so it could be used for a "SQL Navigator Tips and Tricks videos Series" :-) ).
Two of those features are the Quest SQL Tracker (called Oracle SQL Tracker in TOAD) and the Code Roadmap.

I really like Quest SQL Tracker because it allows to capture the SQL statements being executed from windows applications running against the Oracle database, see a list of the bind variables issued from those statements, associated times, etc..


Oracle Open Our Windows - Tom Kyte em Portugal

O evento que mencionei há atrasado trocou de nome para "Open Our Windows" e já tem agenda.

Para além do Tom Kyte também estará presente Paul Done, especialista Exalogic.

Eu e dois colegas apresentaremos um case study do uso da DB Oracle no sistema de Informação da Universidade do Porto.

Dia 16 de Dezembro em Lisboa.