Missing features in PL/SQL

I love PL/SQL but there are some missing features that very annoying:

- Result cache is very nice but restrictions like authid CURRENT_USER (CLOB, BLOB) should only make the cache algorithm not to be applied but not issuing an compilation error (giving only a compilation pls warning) so the code could be prepared for future implementation of the result cache without those restrictions.
The use of VPDs should be 100% transparent with Result cache, i.e. using VPD should not imply a change in the code to work correctly!

- Conditional compilation is nice but cannot check if the oracle version is (or above) only can check 11.2 and oracle implemented new features (like UTL_SMTP using TLS/SSL connection) in that new “patched” version. (here the problem is the missing global constant for anything “below” the minor number or maybe the numbering of that version)

- Automatic detection of "pure" user-defined PL/SQL functions for parallelism (in parallel queries) for functions in packages (like Oracle does for stand-alone (not in package) functions).

BTW: Editions look great but we encounter a bug that “corrupted” the catalog and so the DBAs are not confident to continue to use it for now.

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  1. Hi Filipe,

    Just to make sure that is crystal clear for your blog readers, when you mention "Result cache" you are talking about FRC-Function Result Cache.
    I will not talk about FRC/VPD :D

    P.S. - BTW, I've talked with Bryn last week and he is very interested in getting feedback from our/yours EBR approach and available to maintain the contact in a regular bases. I've told him you will send him the problems you are getting.

    Keep it UP!



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