"Prece" Translation

Como prometido no post anterior aqui vos deixo a minha tentativa de tradução da música "Prece" para inglês

As promise in the previous post here is my translation to english for the song "Prece" by Luís Represas.
(my son fell asleep yesterday listening to this song)

The reason behind the song by its author (Luís Represas) is to ask our children to forgive us for what we have been doing so far, and for us to give them strength to not make the same mistakes we made and that were, after all, the same mistakes made by our parents, grandparents and so on.


Singer: Luis Represas

I see nobody on the roads
The fields deserts of people
At sea almost no water is visible
In the sky the air dies from warm

We let nothing come
From nothing we had in
We wanted to own everything
We closed the doors to the wind

And if no longer us,
Because time did not let,
To do, what if done,
Would unite us in love,
A prayer we leave here
In the breast of our children
Be much better than us
And please forgive

The hope fell from the mountain
Of lives long forgotten
Love burned at the fires
That burn in promised lands

We do not want to see the end of the road
To guess the end of life
We were born n exchange for nothing
We do not want to give it as defeated

Refrain *2

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