Last day for OPP/APEXposed 2010 in Europe

It's over :-(

Some very interesting sessions and conversations.
All of the attendees tried to get the most of these two days.

New things i learn?
I became even more interesting in try to get APEX to do things that I do in mod_plslq.
Why? Because I learned directly from Oracle that the flash functionality (AnyCharts full version) that APEX uses can only be used inside the APEX environment. If used outside APEX you will need to license AnyCharts for that use.
Kindle can be very nice...
the way plsqlchallenge.com will be moving, and the previous "quarter final" will be running.
...that some companies have a bigger IT budget than that department could spend (yes paradise...)
...that APEX community seems to be more open to sharing code and trusting in code from others than the non-APEX pl/sql community. One of the reasons seem to be plug-ins and the "soft" dependency on the data model.
...the origin of AMIS name (aircraft Maintenance Information System) and that explains the wing in the logo (I thought it was a paper sheet :-( )..
If you still are thinking if you should go to the OPP/APEXposed in Dallas I would suggest that you try to attend it if you are an PL/SQL developer or APEX developer or need to figure out what APEX can do.

Good coding for you...

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