Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 released

Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 is now available for download.

Some of the new features:
  • Data Modeler: SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0 is now fully integrated.
  • Exporting and Importing: The Importing and Exporting wizards have been updated to support a wider range of choices. You'll find these on the Tools > Database Export menu, and Export... on the context menus for Tables and Views and on Data Grids. Import Data is available on table context menus.
  • Database Navigator: Users can now manage Database Configuration files, Resource consumption, Security for profiles, roles and users, and manage Storage files such as control files, datafiles, archive and redo logs, rollback segments and tablespaces.
  • DBMS Scheduler: Create a full schedule definition using graphical and grid editors
  • SQL Tuning: SQL Tuning Advisor analyzes high-volume SQL statement and offers tuning recommendations
  • Query Builder: Visual SQL Query Builder with an object drag and drop feature from the connection navigator to the Query Builder view. SQL Worksheet and Query Builder view are tightly integrated. Switch between Worksheet (text) and Query Builder (visual) views at any time.
  • Schema Browser: The Schema Browser supports fast client-side name based filtering for narrowing the list of objects displayed.
  • Migrations: SQL Developer 3.0 brings a number of new features that support the migration from non-Oracle to the Oracle Database.
 Check all in the release notes.

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