Quest Code Tester for Oracle 2.0 released

Quest Code Tester for Oracle has a new release (2.0) that you can try.
The new features are:
  • Redesigned the Main Window: The Dashboard is replaced by a new console window, Test Explorer, that offers much greater usability and functionality.
  • Powerful suite management: You can now define suites within suites and set up test workflow with branching logic.
  • Multiple Test Definitions Per Program Unit: You can new create more than one test definition for the same program unit. This makes it easier for multiple developers to build and run tests for the same program unit.
  • Importing and Exporting From the Database Server: Import and export can now be performed through a PL/SQL API
  • New Command Line Utility Separate From Code Tester Executable.
There is a webcast (50 minutes long) of Steven Feuerstein presenting the new features.

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