To read during vacation time: Brandon Sanderson

I will sugest that you read the short story Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson available at the new Tor site.

If you like it I would sugest that you read Warbreaker (digital book) available for free in Brandon Sanderson site. That story will became a non-digital book very soon and the version available for free is almost the final one.

The books I also read from Brandon are Mistborn (that was available on digitar formar for a short period for free on Tor site) and Elentris. Misborn was the first of a trilogy that was finished this year.
For the people that already read Elentris I would sugest the reading of the short Elentris story: The Hope of Elantris also available for free in Brandon Sanderson site. It's like a missing chapter on the book :-).

These book/stories are not available in Portuguese.

Have a nice vacation and a great new year!

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