Quest Error Manager new version

Quest Error Manager (QEM) has a new version that incorporates the fixes and improves I send to Steven
(the fixes for the bugs I found (raise error when only log was expected, the size limit on some variables, the trigger to populate the log table automatically with some debug info and a new procedure to get the log code out).

Here are some screen captures of the web interface I made for the QEM at work in a mod_plsql application.

The image on the left shows the message (which is still in a process of validation) the users gets (in the web) when an error occurs:
“unexpected error occurred in the system.
Please try again later.
The error was registered with number 605.
For a faster resolution of the problem please contact …. referring 605 error occurrence.”

The maintenance team has a form to search by log number and by date and then gets a page that shows the log info.

My wrapper of the QEM for GESSI/SIGARRA (the web application) uses only one line in the end of each procedure that corresponds to a web page generation that is wrote in the end

That will show the layout with the error message to the user.
If the programmer only wants to log the error but not showing it to the user (for instance to log that some configuration data is missing or to show another specific message) he can use

gessi_erros_web.regista_erro_oracle passes all the debug info that the application's has to QEM soo the programmer do not need to do any other call. Even so I provide a procedure gessi_erros_web.add_context to add more key-value to the log.

Is anyone else using QEM in prodution enviroments? Tell me your stories!

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