First Beta of SQL Navigator 6.5

Quest announced the release of the first beta of SQL Navigator 6.5.

Some problems already reported by users (in the Beta forum and support) are already fixed and some others are in resolution.

Some of the problems (and lacking features) that I found annoying in previous versions that were fixed are:
- Multi lines dbms output is not highlighted completely in Spool
- Close Code Editor when closing the last remaining tab - new preference included
- Quoted object name is mixed up with normal object name in object selector
- SQL navigator hang when print code editor
- Open File windows to have the same list of file types
- Find Recycle bin Objects is not disabled when Find Objects is running
- Allow to stop Code Search when searching
- Date is cut off when export from data grid
- Add shortcuts to View Differences

As usual the beta versions are not to be used in production systems and any feedback should be given by the beta forum.
Download and start testing!

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