What is planned for Oracle Application Express 4.1

For me the most important issues that are planned for APEX 4.1 are:

  • Charting - Provide for chart rendering without using Flash (to enable display on mobile devices).
  • Error Handling - Improve error handling and user-defined exception processing.
  • Development for Mobile Applications – Include themes and HTML templates suitable for smart phones and mobile devices.
  • Interactive Reporting – Allow multiple reports on one page and support pivot queries.
  • Tabular Forms – Allow multiple tabular forms on one page and continue to expand tabular forms validations.
  • Master-Detail-Detail – Allow the generation of pages to support master-detail-detail relationships.
  • Modal Dialogue - Add ability to display a dialog on top of a page (the rest of the page will be grayed out).

Other improvements are:
  • Dynamic Actions – Enhance conditional processing and allow dynamic actions to be defined for tabular forms, reports, and buttons.
  • Plug-Ins - Add plug-in support for additional components and enhance plug-in definitions.
  • Use of ROWID – Allow usage of ROWID for Automatic DML processing (as an alternative to identifying the PK columns).
  • Websheets – Allow for greater control over user interface, new page section types, and enhanced spreadsheet / datagrid integration.
  • Data Upload - Enable end-users to upload data into an existing table (within an application).
  • Accessibility – Improve accessibility in existing themes and HTML templates.
  • Numerous functional and performance improvements.

Source: Statement of Direction

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